Elite Baseball Development

Cressey Sports Performance

...is a perfect setting for professional and collegiate baseball athletes to make tremendous improvements in the off-season. In CSP, you’ll find an unparalleled energetic and motivating training atmosphere that combines extensive knowledge and cutting-edge training principles with plenty of attitude.
Effectively, Cressey Sports Performance has become a very affordable one-stop shop for the complete development of the baseball player:

Cressey Sports Performance has rapidly established itself as a go-to consultant in the baseball community for its success in improving throwing velocity, bat speed, and sprinting speed — while markedly reducing injury rates. CSP’s staff understands the unique demands of baseball; in fact, the facility was designed to accommodate these needs with specialized, versatile equipment. Our team has extensive experience in bringing baseball players back from shoulder and elbow problems — and preventing them in the first place. We individually evaluate all collegiate and professional athletes and provide them with individualized, comprehensive training programs.


CSP – Massachusetts is a 15,000+ square-foot facility that encompasses everything a baseball player needs to improve, including 2 pitching cages, medicine ball walls, 50-yard sprinting turf, and a variety of traditional and non-traditional weight training equipment.

CSP-Florida is a 7,700+ square-foot facility that offers all the same amenities, although players generally perform their baseball activities at nearby fields.


All Cressey Sports Performance athletes work closely with our coaches to formulate a nutrition plan suited to their needs. With a cafeteria in our building, it’s easy to accommodate individual needs on the nutrition front.


Cressey Sports Performance has become a destination spot for athletes from all over the U.S. and abroad not just because of its expertise, but also because of its hardcore training environment. We believe strongly that our success is related as much to the attitude in our facility as it is to programming we write for our athletes.


Cressey Sports Performance is strategically partnered with experienced and accomplished physical therapists, massage therapists, hitting coaches, and pitching coaches to create a comprehensive team to complement our abilities.


Cressey Sports Performance is also located just west of Boston, MA — putting it in proximity to many teams in the Cape Cod Summer League, Futures Collegiate Baseball League, and New England Collegiate Baseball League. As such, CSP can serve as an excellent resource to players spending their summers in these areas.

Training opportunities are available year-round. For more information, please contact us using one of the avenues below:

Hudson, Massachusetts Facility: cspmass@gmail.com or 978-212-2688

Jupiter, Florida Facility: cspflorida@gmail.com or 561-741-0505

Call: 978-212-2688 (MA) | 561-741-0505 (FL)