Anna Col

Office Manager

Anna Col serves as the Office Manager at CSP-FL. Prior to joining CSP-FL in April of 2023, Anna graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Sport Management from the University of Georgia. During this time, she completed internships with University of Florida baseball, Georgia Tech football, and the South Florida Collegiate Baseball League. Most recently, Anna completed an internship in corporate sponsorships with the Houston Astros at the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

Free Access to Eric’s 47-Minute UNE Lecture

Hip-Shoulder Separation in Rotational Athletes: Making Sense of the Thoracic Spine.

Welcome to Cressey Sports Performance

Over the years, Eric Cressey’s given this lecture to more than 10,000 coaches, players, sports medicine professionals and enthusiasts and it’s been a huge hit. In the video, you will observe a lot of our CSP athletes training and learn:

  • Why different athletes need different approaches to power development?

  • Why it’s essential that you learn to train outside the sagittal plane?
  • Which medicine ball and plyometric variations I use with baseball players?
  • Why not all throwers have identical deceleration patterns or training needs?

  • How your arm care programs can be improved to reduce the risk of injury and improve throwing velocity?