Max Scherzer,
Pitcher, Texas Rangers

CSP is the best place to come to. Being here allowed me to get the training I needed, get my throwing in, and get advice on how to keep evolving my training. They made sure when I went into spring training, I was at a hundred percent.

Tanner Houck,
Pitcher, Boston Red Sox

I love the competitive edge that everyone brings each and every day. At the bullpens, you have 20 guys behind you talking your way through, sharing different ideas & ways of executing pitches… It’s a great environment for learning and passing out knowledge.

Pitcher, Miami Marlins

The environment here is awesome, it’s like a brotherhood. A lot of us hang out outside of the gym as well as in the gym. But, when here, everyone’s working and pushing each other to get better. I think it’s a great place to be!

Andrew Knizer,
Catcher, Texas Rangers

What I really love about working out here is that it’s “one stop shopping”. I’m a catcher so I’m able to catch as many bullpens as needed to get ready for the season. We have some great hitting guys in there so I have the ability to hit every single day, and obviously, the weight room and working with the strength coaches is really beneficial to my off-season. Overall, it’s just great overall for me to get ready for the season.

Pitcher, Washington Nationals

From being around multiple-time All-Stars to being around kids from college, the environment here is awesome. CSP offers everything. Pitching coaches here are great. Strength coaches are obviously phenomenal as well and the guys from the training staff are really willing to take care of you. Everything here at CSP is top-notch.

Tyler Kinley,
Pitcher, Colorado Rockies

I’ve been at CSP for over 10 years and I don’t think there’s a better complex in the country that has everything a professional baseball needs. Great training, coaches, hitting, pitching, PT. Best of the best under the same roof. Environment is like a clubhouse, there’s a bunch of guys from different teams, different organizations, different experience and skill levels, but all have one goal – reaching their full potential and working together as one.

Bob Henninger,
Adult Waterskiing Athlete

As an older athlete, I have benefited greatly from the training Shane and the Team at Cressey Sports Performance have provided me. They have been invaluable in enabling me to continue to compete in the sport I love.

Marci Lord, Mother of Denton Lord,
16 year old multisport athlete

My name is Marci Lord and our son, Denton, is a high school sophomore, multi-sport athlete. With an unfortunate UCL tear, Denton’s plans changed drastically. Denton has always been very tall for his age and it was important to his dad and I that we became knowledgeable of ways to keep him healthy being an overhead thrower (quarterback/pitcher).

Eric came highly recommended by several people we personally knew and respected in the sports world. We immediately knew this was where Denton needed to be in order to learn how to work within his own unique body; to grow both mentally and physically to be the best version of himself. In yet another world that was foreign to us all, we relied heavily on the wisdom and years of expertise CSP had to offer.

In the 10.5 months post-surgery, Denton spent collectively about 6 weeks at the facility, where he received individual evaluations and personalized strength and conditioning programs for each phase of rehab. Perhaps most importantly, he trained in an environment and with a staff that gave him hope for the future he desires to have. Our last few years with the CSP staff have been nothing short of a blessing to us. Forever grateful!

Tom and Tammy Kenny,
Parents of Tanner Kenny, 15 year old high school athlete 

We truly see everyone at Cressey Sports Performance as a huge part of our son’s baseball family. Tanner tore his labrum in two places by landing on his shoulder for an outfield catch in November 2022. We did not want to have our 13 year old have surgery at such a young age so his orthopedic doc prescribed a very strict rehab program. Tanner did great and was back on the mound in April of 2023. However, he still had some pain, his mechanics were a bit off, and he wasn’t trusting his pitching.

Our son started the strength and pitching program in August 2023. By November 2023, Tanner’s pain had disappeared, his pitching mechanics and velocity had drastically improved, and we could see that his confidence on the mound had returned. 

My husband and I want to thank all of the coaches and trainers at Cressey for their hard work and dedication in the training programs they put together every four weeks for our son. We can see his gains every single month and his confidence continues to soar. Thank you!

Sean Stropp,
Father of 11U Baseball Athlete, Roman Stropp

My son Roman plays for an 11 U travel baseball team, and started working at Cressey with the hitting team. The coaches know how to get through to my son, and built his confidence and his swing in a short amount of time to Great Heights!

Numbers don’t lie, and through the first 6 games, Roman is hitting .540 with 6 rbis and 6 runs. I’ve already recommended Jean to a couple other of the players on our team. He’s a great coach for these young men. On top of all of this, the facilities are amazing and all of the staff is knowledgeable and friendly! We will continue going here through middle and high school, and hopefully working through the process! Top-notch!

Dennis Abbate,
Father of Zeke Abbate, 13 year old multisport athlete

When you talk about the process of hitting and understanding the true essence of this very particular art form, who you surround yourself with is everything! Coach Jean Cancio and the ultra talented CSP staff are by far second to none.

CSP has continued to raise the bar with their daily routine with big league superstars, but never lets off an inch with their young students of the game either. As a dad, baseball fanatic, and also still a student of the great game of baseball myself, I would suggest experiencing the difference with the CSP team for all your baseball training needs. 

The Grimaldi Family
Dominick Grimaldi, 16 year old High School Baseball Player

My son always had the desire to play baseball at the next level. As a young kid we looked for a facility to help strengthen him physically, help with arm care and continue to develop his hitting. Cressey Sports Performance Florida has been the answer.

During these formative years, my son has grown up at Cressey as his second home. I can’t say enough about those who strength trained him through the years, as well as our baseball instructors, in particular Coach Max and Coach Shane, along with Jason and Jean, have helped tremendously in developing his baseball skills. CSP has become like a family to us.

We highly recommend Cressey Sports Performance for anyone looking to advance their all around baseball skills and development.

Miles Mikolas,
St. Louis Cardinals

CSP is more than just a gym. It’s almost like being on another team during the offseason; I feel the same sense of camaraderie.

Marci Lord,

Mother of 16YO Athlete

We’ve relied heavily on wisdom CSP offers and our last few years with the team have been nothing short of a blessing. Forever grateful!

Ed Hickey,
Waterskiing Hall-of-Famer

At 72, I feel like I move better than ever. I wish I had discovered CSP years ago and used them for performance and injury prevention.

Tammy Kenny
Mother of 15yo Athlete

CSP is a huge part of our son’s baseball family. His pain disappeared, his pitching mechanics & velocity drastically improved!

AJ Ramos,

MLB All-Star Pitcher

One stop shop! Prepare your body and sharpen your skills, while working with great people guiding you through the process.


After 12+ years with CSP and their unparalelled expertise, I can say without hesitation that this is a game-changer for athletes.

Bryan Baker
Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles

I chose CSP almost 10 years ago because I was looking to get more serious about getting better. Individualized programming really called to me and it’s really paid off in the long run. I have eyes on me all the time and get to work out in this top environment with all these professional guys trying to get better. Amazing choice so far!

Devin Williams
Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers

I chose CSP because I have other friends that went here and their reputation is great. When I came down last year I was very happy with the way things went and I’m able to do everything I need to do right here in this facility (throwing, lifting, treatment). Being around other pro guys inspires you to do more and its much easier to do my work every day than being alone in the gym.



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