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Welcome to
the CSP Family

Welcome to
the CSP Family

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  • Moving my family to Florida for training was the best decision. The weather’s great, but the unbelievable staff at CSP is even better. After a few offseasons here, I’ve seen a difference in my game – there’s simply no better place to train. I’m incredibly grateful for their hard work.

    Michael Wacha,
    Kansas City Royals

  • Drafted straight out of high school, my son’s success stemmed from CSP and their custom-built training plans, not generic programs. Their supportive coaches and motivating environment fueled his development, on and off the field.

    Todd Porter, Father of Brock Porter,
    2022 4th Round Draft Pick and Top Prospect for the Texas Rangers

  • The environment here at CSP is very professional & upbeat. It’s great being around so many top-level guys (and guys that are striving to be top level). The energy is very high every day and it brings the best out of me when I come to work out daily.

    Jacoby Brissett,
    , New England Patriots

  • Our son lives at Cressey; from the weight room, to the batting cages, to the manual therapists. He gained strength and muscle mass, increased his infield and exit velocity, and improved his 60… all while having fun with the trainers and fellow athletes.

    Sam Finnegan, Mother of Jake Finnegan,
    16 year old Baseball player from Florida

  • I’ve been blown away by what CSP has done for me; I’ve never felt better. It just makes such a difference to how I can practice, how hard I can swing, and what I can do in the gym. Just everything about CSP has made such a difference compared to before.

    Matt Fitzpatrick,
    PGA Golfer

  • CSP is our North Star. The coordination between training, hitting, throwing and PT has helped ensure his physical growth health. For a young athlete to train alongside and receive encouraging remarks from MLB and College stars is incredible. We highly recommend CSP!

    Jason Smithwick, Father of Arthur Smithwick,
    Young Baseball Athlete

CSP-Florida Featured Services

Train, Develop, and Recover

Train, Develop, and Recover

Strength & conditioning

Develop strength and power, improve mobility, and enhance overall athletic performance.


Pitching Development

Optimize mechanics, increase velocity, design pitches, and learn how to attack hitters.


Hitting Development

Improve swing mechanics, enhance bat speed, and develop an elite approach at the plate.



Get individualized assessment and programming that you can continue in a remote format.


Manual Therapy

With combined methodologies, our team can treat for pain relief and mobility improvements.


Personal Training

Expert coaching tailored to your specific needs & goals. Work with one of our trainers now.


Individualized Programs Written
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Your Athletic Success is Our Passion

A word from our team…

Helping athletes achieve their full potential is what drives us at Cressey Sports Performance. We take pride in crafting personalized training plans to help you reach your athletic goals, no matter your starting point. We welcome you to get in touch and see if we can help you too.

Your Athletic Success is Our Passion

A word from our team…

Helping athletes achieve their full potential is what drives us at Cressey Sports Performance. We take pride in crafting personalized training plans to help you reach your athletic goals, no matter your starting point. We welcome you to get in touch and see if we can help you too.

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Every day is arm (care) day 💪💯 #cspfamily
Getting after it 💪👊 #cspfamily
Another #MLBDraft in the books! Congratulations to the 12 new affiliated professional players from the #cspfamily. That makes 251 players drafted since 2012 - with free agent signings still to come! Thanks for all your hard work - and for having us along for the ride.💪
Coach @ykahook shows us a common exercise our athletes tend to struggle with and how to correct it 💯

The KB Goblet Slideboard Lateral Lunge is an advanced progression of the lateral lunge that uses a slideboard to create an unstable surface and increases eccentric load. In some ways, depending on the program of the athlete, it can be used as regression to help teach staying stacked and keeping correct form.

Variations of the lateral lunge stick to the same principles as the video seen here. The most important takeaway on lateral lunges is keeping the entire body stacked.

Stay up to date by following our page, as more instructional content is coming! #cspfamily #foryou #fyp
How #CSP athletes get through Mondays… 💪#cspfamily ➡️➡️
Having a day 💯🫡 #cspfamily #foryou
Flexing on a Friday 😎 #cspfamily #foryou
A popular workout seen here at #CSP - Dead Bugs

Dead Bugs are utilized for coordination, anti-extension and core stability.  They help the athlete address the relationship of the ribcage and the pelvis. While there are many variations available, each of them shares the same goal of keeping the back flat against the ground.

Some of the variations, such as wall press or core-engaged, can be added to further train nuance of ribcage and pelvis position. 

For example, in the wall press variation we’re forcing control of the overhead reach, further emphasizing control of the ribcage as the athlete reaches overhead through shoulder flexion, making sure not the allow the ribs to flair.

More variations to come in the near future!
#cspfamily #deadbug #foryou
Become your own best advocate 💯💪 #cspfamily #tuesdaythoughts #wednesdaywisdom #foryou
Split Stance Savagery 😤 📸 #cspfamily
Big congrats to @lips_34 on a very impressive MLB debut! 4IP, 1R, 3H, 7K, 0BB - and surely more big league success to come! Tyler has been #cspfamily since 2014, so he joins an esteemed group of CSP athletes who have trained with us as both high schoolers and big leaguers.👏
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Weekend Warriors 🤙💪 #cspfamily

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Get Cressey Sports Performance expertise at your fingertips from afar with the CSP Exercise App. This comprehensive library puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, offering a vast collection of exercises designed by our team of elite coaches.

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Free Access to Eric’s 47-Minute UNE Lecture

Hip-Shoulder Separation in Rotational Athletes: Making Sense of the Thoracic Spine.

Welcome to Cressey Sports Performance

Over the years, Eric Cressey’s given this lecture to more than 10,000 coaches, players, sports medicine professionals and enthusiasts and it’s been a huge hit. In the video, you will observe a lot of our CSP athletes training and learn:

  • Why different athletes need different approaches to power development?

  • Why it’s essential that you learn to train outside the sagittal plane?
  • Which medicine ball and plyometric variations I use with baseball players?
  • Why not all throwers have identical deceleration patterns or training needs?

  • How your arm care programs can be improved to reduce the risk of injury and improve throwing velocity?