There is a synergistic relationship between throwing and training.

Our individualized training programs address physical limitations that interfere with your body’s ability to get into key positions in the pitching delivery.

This pyramid chart depicts how we view pitching development. Most of our athletes will make the biggest gains on the mound with their work inside the gym!

Top-of-the-line Technology & Old School knowledge

Top-of-the-line Technology & Old School knowledge

We have traditional pitching lessons for the younger athletes, with the goal of moving all athletes to a coordinated and individualized training and throwing program structure as they further their development into high school, college and beyond.

Our pitching development team will incorporate all of the top technology where appropriate.

Those pieces of equipment include, but are not limited to Trackman, Edgertronic cameras, Rapsodo, and Theia Markerless motion capture biomechanical analysis system.

Theia Markerless Motion Capture

Theia Markerless Motion Capture

Athletes also have the option of throwing a bullpen on Theia, our new biomechanical markerless motion capture system.

Our system records the athlete using an 8-camera setup. The cameras give us the ability to upload the data collected and produce a 3-dimensional visual model of their bullpen session. Using the markerless motion capture system, we will be able to provide a service to athletes at arguably the best quality/accuracy in the country in a real life, on-field environment.

That model will explain, in detail, what the athlete is doing on the mound with respect to biomechanics, and provide a number of visual tools that will help us better understand the pitcher’s delivery. We will use this to put together a report outlining what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and – most importantly – coaching interventions.

Tom and Tammy Kenny,
Parents of Tanner Kenny, 15 year old high school athlete 

We truly see everyone at Cressey Sports Performance as a huge part of our son’s baseball family. Tanner tore his labrum in two places by landing on his shoulder for an outfield catch in November 2022. We did not want to have our 13 year old have surgery at such a young age so his orthopedic doc prescribed a very strict rehab program. Tanner did great and was back on the mound in April of 2023. However, he still had some pain, his mechanics were a bit off, and he wasn’t trusting his pitching.

Our son started the strength and pitching program in August 2023. By November 2023, Tanner’s pain had disappeared, his pitching mechanics and velocity had drastically improved, and we could see that his confidence on the mound had returned. 

My husband and I want to thank all of the coaches and trainers at Cressey for their hard work and dedication in the training programs they put together every four weeks for our son. We can see his gains every single month and his confidence continues to soar. Thank you!

Miles Mikolas,
St. Louis Cardinals

CSP is more than just a gym. It’s almost like being on another team during the offseason; I feel the same sense of camaraderie.

Marci Lord,
Mother of 16YO Athlete

We’ve relied heavily on wisdom CSP offers and our last few years with the team have been nothing short of a blessing. Forever grateful!

Ed Hickey,
Waterskiing Hall-of-Famer

At 72, I feel like I move better than ever. I wish I had discovered CSP years ago and used them for performance and injury prevention.

Tammy Kenny
Mother of 15yo Athlete

CSP is a huge part of our son’s baseball family. His pain disappeared, his pitching mechanics & velocity drastically improved!

AJ Ramos,

MLB All-Star Pitcher

One stop shop! Prepare your body and sharpen your skills, while working with great people guiding you through the process.


After 12+ years with CSP and their unparalelled expertise, I can say without hesitation that this is a game-changer for athletes.



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