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For almost 17 years, Cressey Sports Performance has grown into a full-featured training destination designed to empower athletes of all ages and disciplines.

We are dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where individuals can achieve their full potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, a weekend warrior, or just starting your athletic journey, CSP provides the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

Empowering Athletes of All Levels


Over the last 17 years, Cressey Sports Performance-Florida has grown into a full-featured training destination designed to empower athletes of all ages and disciplines.

We are dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where individuals can achieve their full potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, a weekend warrior, or just starting your athletic journey, CSP-Florida provides the tools and guidance you need to succeed.

Unmatched Training Environment

Our Facility

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a spacious 15,000+ square foot indoor performance training area featuring strength training and skill development services. This expansive environment allows us to tailor our programs to your specific needs and goals.

Additionally, CSP-Massachusetts prioritizes athlete well-being. On-site manual therapy and physical therapy services are available to help you prevent injuries and recover effectively.

Tim Collins,
Washington Nationals

I can’t stress enough how much this training at CSP has meant to my career. Big thank you to the whole team at CSP Massachusetts!


I’ve been with CSP for 5 years. Every time I walk in the gym I’m confident I’m being challenged and coached properly. I love the atmosphere here!


CSP has completely changed my life. I have gained strength, confidence, and comfort in my body.


CSP training has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. They played a huge part in my shoulder surgery recovery.


CSP has been a crucial part of the success I have had in my career and helped me gain velocity as well as put my body in a long season


CSP Team saw potential in me. I trusted them implicitly, did the work in the gym, and soon found myself on a professional mound.

Over 17 years of industry-leading experience

The CSP-MASSachussets Team

Fueled by a passion to help athletes reach their full potential, the CSP team takes pride in our approach and methodology.

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Variation without change.💪 #cspfamily
Pallof Press ISO Walkout 

The Pallof Press ISO Walkout is a progression to other more traditional Pallof Press variations we may use at CSP, such as a Half-Kneeling or Standing Pallof Press. This progression allows us to challenge the stabilizers of the hips and core through a dynamic base of support. 

❌ Take too large of steps, allowing your feet to reach far outside of your COM
✅ Take small/moderate steps, being sure to maintain rigidity and control through your Hips as well as Torso. 

❌ Allow the handle to rotate away from the center of your body. 
✅ Resist rotation and keep the handle attachment directly centered on your torso, in line with your sternum. 

❌ Rush through the movement; this exercise, like all its common variations is about maintaining control and command of your body. 
✅ Complete 3-4 steps out away from and back in towards the rack for 3-5 reps/side; 1 rep may take over 10 seconds!
5 exercises to work on front hip pull back ⚾️

(These exercises are specific to a right handed baseball player working on a left hip pull back. If you wanted to work on right hip pull back as a lefty, you would switch sides for the same exercises.)

1️⃣ Front Heel Elevated Ipsilateral KB Split Squat
2️⃣ Staggered Stance RDL Toe Touch with Roller & Rotation 
3️⃣ 3D Strap Split Stance Hip Airplanes - Lowest Setting
4️⃣ Split Stance Diagonal Med-Ball Stomp with Front Hip Pull Back
5️⃣ Recoiled Stand-up Stomp

✅ Increase range of motion
✅ Teach the movement pattern in different planes of motion 
✅ Transfer it on to the field
Happy Mother's Day to all the #cspfamily moms out there - especially our own matriarch (and second mother to countless CSP athletes), @annacressey! Thanks for keeping us smiling - but also on task and in line (we're looking at you, @alysystrength 😂)!
Happy Friday from CSP Florida☀️
Hot feet rotational medicine ball scoop toss helps athletes who might be slow out of their back leg or feel “stuck” in their back leg. The elastic component forces the athlete to get off the ground faster compared to a rotational med ball scoop toss. 

✅Allow yourself to shift in and out of your hip 
❌ Choppy feet in the same place

✅Keeping your head in the middle of your body 
❌ Drive your head forward as you throw the ball 

✅ Absorbing force through the front leg via lead leg block
❌ Twisting your back side or “squishing the bug”

The weight of the med ball should vary based on your goals. We typically stick with 4-8lbs for this exercise.
Old one but good one! Make sure you have planned your summer with an individual goal in mind vs. just playing to play. Summer can be an incredible time for focused development whether on the field or training. If you’d like CSP to help talk through your options, call or email cspflorida@gmail.com or cspmass@gmail.com. #cspfamily
1-leg Supine Bridge w/Aquabag Diagonals

✅ Can be added as a warm up or exercise in the workout 
✅ Aquabag can be replaced with a sandbag as a lateralization
✅ Between 6-8 reps on each side

1-leg Supine Bridge w/Aquabag Diagonals is a progression of a 1-leg Supine Bridge that adds a dynamic variable that challenges the core and pelvis in many different planes of motion. 

✅ Stable base in a glute bridge for limited movement 

❌Swaying hips 

✅ Neutral pelvis and rib cage for core and glute activation 

❌ Extension through the Lumbar spine 

✅ Pull the bag apart and create tension

❌ Not creating tension
How it started ➡️ how it's going. We are coming up on ten years of CSP-FL and the pro autograph wall is getting pretty crowded. And @rflaherty27 is a big league bench coach now! #cspfamily
1-arm Lat Inhibition Hang 
✅ Progression of Lat Inhibition Hang
✅ Pronated grip (palms face forward) which creates space in your shoulder compared to neutral or supinated grip 
✅ Start with a short duration hold then increase over time

This exercise creates lateral expansion on the hanging side. Oftentimes we’ll have the athlete actively reach low with their opposite arm to drive opposite side compression; in turn, the low reach will drive more expansion on the hanging side. 

❌ Over tuck your pelvis 
✅ Stay neutral through the stacked position 

❌ Be tense while hanging
✅ Relax into the bottom position

❌ Keep your feet on the ground or dead hang
✅ Elevate feet on 15-18 in box to help resist lumbar extension
Midweek check in with some of our MILB guys. Keep it going💪🏼 #cspfamily
Thanks to @nataliejuneaddison for getting our staff moving with some yoga and FRC fun this morning! 🙏👏 #cspfamily

Free Access to Eric’s 47-Minute UNE Lecture

Hip-Shoulder Separation in Rotational Athletes: Making Sense of the Thoracic Spine.

Welcome to Cressey Sports Performance

Over the years, Eric Cressey’s given this lecture to more than 10,000 coaches, players, sports medicine professionals and enthusiasts and it’s been a huge hit. In the video, you will observe a lot of our CSP athletes training and learn:

  • Why different athletes need different approaches to power development?

  • Why it’s essential that you learn to train outside the sagittal plane?
  • Which medicine ball and plyometric variations I use with baseball players?
  • Why not all throwers have identical deceleration patterns or training needs?

  • How your arm care programs can be improved to reduce the risk of injury and improve throwing velocity?